Sims Next Top Model Battle: Sims3MovieNetwork vs. BrushYourCats will be a spin-off cycle of Sims Next Top Model. On BrushYourCats, the show will feature 8 girls who previously competed on Sims3MovieNetwork's show, and on Sims3MovieNetwork, the show will feature 8 girls who previously competed on BrushYourCats' show. The final girl remaining from each edition will face off to find out who is the winner of the project.


The way the cast was chosen, was that Tyra chose 4 girls whom she'd like to see, then Sahvanha was allowed to secretly select 4 more girls.

Cycle Name Age Hometown Rank
8 Alexandria Heynatz 21 Syracuse, New York
2 Deniz Gerçek 22 San Antonio, Texas (Originally from Turkey)
8 Eupheme Stanton 20 Kraków, Poland
6 Cleo "Neo" Dibaba 18 New York City, New York
7 Niya Zuchimi 20 Phoenix, Arizona
2 Shaundi Saint 23 San Diego, California
3 Véronique von Seux 20 Brussels, Belgium
6 Violet Mayberry 22 Detroit, Michigan

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