Promotional Picture

Promotional Picture of All-Stars

Sims Next Top Model: All-Stars is the second season ever to include returning contestants, but the first time to include only returning contestants.

The international destination is Marrakesh, Morocco.

The promotional cycle for this cycle is "In The Dark" by DEV.


The girls are from cycles 2-5. None of the returning contestants won their cycles, because that would be unfair. There's 2 from cycle 2, 3 from cycle 3, 5 from cycle 4 and 4 from cycle 5. The reason why that makes it 15 girls is that Ksenia was originally in cycle 3, but she came back as a contestant in cycle 5, which was returning contestants vs. new contestants. The returning contestants and their prior placements are:

  • From Cycle 2:
    • Lisa Franks, 3rd/4th place
    • Savitra Titus, 6th place
  • From Cycle 3:
    • Iyzebel Har-Zahav, 9th/8th place
    • Ksenia Dolgosheevain, 7th place
    • Nokutula Kukalo, 3rd/4th place
  • From Cycle 4:
    • Alexandria Zegalli, No official placement
    • Flora Martinez, No official placement
    • Yumiqua Totinuko, No official placement
    • Ayami Turkish, No official placement
    • Tafatia Miles, runner-up
  • From Models vs. Wannabes (Cycle 5) (Only the non-returning contestants):
    • Ava Kelly, No official placement
    • Christine Manning, No official placement
    • Yurie Sakuranbo, No official placement

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