Sims Next Top Model: All-Stars 2 will be the seventeenth successive season of the main series of Sims Next Top Model. It will feature sixteen models who previously competed on either spin-offs of or the main series of Sims Next Top Model.


(information stated is correct at time of contest)

Contestant Age Height Original cycle (placement) Outcome
Adelinde Gharib 16 178 cm Cycle 14; 2nd (Runner-up)
Ahn Ye-ji 20 174 cm Mini Cycle 1; 4th/5th
Beáta "Bette" Medved 17 181.5 cm Mini Cycle 2; 14th/15th
Callie Tang-Mühler 24 177 cm Cycle 10; 5th/6th
Calligraphy "Callie" Banks 17 177 cm Cycle 15; 7th/8th
Choi Jin-yoo 19 183 cm Cycle 11; 7th
Daniela "Danni" de la Fuente 18 180 cm Cycle 13; 3rd
Elong Bellengesau 24 180 cm Cycle 10; 2nd (Runner-up)
Jenah Abrams 22 177.5 cm Cycle 9; 2nd (Runner-up)
Ke'ai Jia Yangju 18 174.5 cm Cycle 9; 9th
Leilah Spann 21 180 cm Cycle 14; 3rd
Lizbeth "Liz" Adam 20 177 cm Mini Cycle 1; 2nd/3rd (Runner-up)
Sophia Rithers 17 172.5 cm Cycle 12; 7th/8th
Sophie Waters 21 183 cm Cycle 12; 4th
Terrah Demalleur-Brookstone 24 170 cm Cycle 11; 2nd/3rd (Runner-up)
Yei Bau 20 177 cm Cycle 13; 2nd (Runner-up)

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