Sims Next Top Model: Winners' Edition
was meant to be the eleventh edition of BrushYourCats' Sims Next Top Model. As the name suggests, the 11 winners from the previous cycles were meant to be brought back for the best winner to be found.

This cycle's overseas destinations were planned to be Kampong Saom, a coastal city in Cambodia and Las Palmas, on the island of Gran Canaria in Spain.

This cycle's promotional song was "I Surrender" by Athena Manoukian.


Contestant Age Cycle Outcome
Catherine Stone 17 5
Elong Bellengesau 22 10
Erin Phoenix 22 3
Ghaissani Nabila 18 9
Lucy Demalleur 16 8
Natalie Hobbs 26 2
Nik Morris 23 4
Sophie Beckard 17 6
Tanya Brook 20 10
Theodora Arvidan 22 7
Violetta Dubois 18 1

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