Sims' Next Top Model (cycle 15)
Episode 1
Season Run December 24, 2016 - August 28, 2017
Episodes 8
Models 11
Winner Steph Makus
Runner-up(s) Brenda Mutoni
Series Chronology
Previous Season Revamped
Next Season Cycle 16

The fifteenth cycle of Sims' Next Top Model will premiere in December, 2016. It is the first season of the main series since Revamped which aired February to July of 2015.

The prizes this cycle are:

  • A cover and spread in Vogue Italia.
  • An international Max Factor campaign.
  • A 1½ year long modelling contract with NU女 Models.
  • A cash prize worth € 50,000.

The winner was 19-year old Steph Makus from the United States.

Changes and twistsEdit

With the show having been on a long hiatus, many changes took place to keep the show modern. Most importantly is the absence of previous judges Tyra Banks, who hosted since cycle 1, and Laura van Fark, who judged since cycle 12. Instead, they were replaced by fashion model and SaintPita alumna Yachana Vazirani, male model, photographer and host of Sims' Next Top Male Model Maicle Gambardella, as well as retired model and RED Models Manager Sin Il Hong.


  • Comeback: This season featured a comeback at the end of week four.
  • Top Model of the Week: Top Model of the Week (TMotW or simply TMW for short) returns from Revamped. Each week the audience votes on who they thought did the best, and the winner receives immunity.
  • Winner's Suite: There is a special bedroom in the Top Model House called the Winner's Suite, in which the model who received best photo by the judges will get the stay the following week. With this comes special gifts such as clothing and beauty products.
  • Wildcard: This season featured wildcard Brenda, who joined the competition after the first elimination after applying late.



(information stated is correct at start of contest)

From Contestant Age Height Hometown Finish Place
Scotland Scotland Chelsea Madison 19 183 cm (6 ft 0 in) Dumfries, Dumfries & Galloway Episode 3 11-10
Netherlands Netherlands Elke-Marije van Aitzema 20 179 cm (5 ft 10½ in) Drachten, Friesland
Canada Canada Lana Manitz 18 178 cm (5 ft 10 in) Toronto, Ontario Episode 4 9
Rwanda Rwanda Umwali Sehene 21 175 cm (5 ft 9 in) Kigali, Kigali Episode 5 8
Ireland Ireland Jiana Anders 19 180 cm (5 ft 11 in) Westport, County Mayo 7
Belgium Belgium Hanne Ruben 18 178 cm (5 ft 10 in) Liège, Liège Episode 6 6
Netherlands Netherlands Clara Walsh 20 182 cm (5 ft 11½ in) Amsterdam, Noord-Holland Episode 7 5
Germany Germany Aleksandra "Ola" Jedziniak 21 180 cm (5 ft 11 in) Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen Episode 8 4-3
Unitedstates United States Veronica Pluto 19 180 cm (5 ft 11 in) Dallas, Texas
Rwanda Rwanda Brenda Mutoni 18 180 cm (5 ft 11 in) Kigali, Kigali 2
Unitedstates United States Stephaneigh "Steph" Makus 19 174 cm (5 ft 8½ in) Frankfort, Kentucky 1


Episode 1Edit

Upload date: December 24, 2016

The ten finalists all arrive at a container terminal in the New York Harbour where they meet new host Yachana Vazirani who tells them they'll be walking in a runway show that same night. The girls are sent backstage where Elke-Marije explains to Steph what a little black dress is, this somewhat disheartens Steph as she feels she has no knowledge about fashion. Clara complains about her styling and feels it is a big hindrance for her as she's mostly covered up. Lana and Hanne fear there will be an elimination right after the show. Once everyone has been styled, Yachana comes to say hi to everyone again, and says she would like to have a group photo and a few solo shots of the girls taken. Clara complains more when she does not get a solo shot.

Following the show, Yachana is very impressed with the girls. Most girls receive compliments, but Jiana is called out for having performed the worst. Lana is criticised for not standing out. In the end, Veronica is deemed the challenge winner, receiving keys to the Winner's Suite in the house, along with an advantage in the next week's challenge. The next day, the girls move into their house, and the girls are in awe of it. While making sandwiches, Lana and Umwali talk about their pasts, and Umwali reveals she's not too comfortable with sharing too many details. Later, Ola and Veronica explore the Winner's Suite together and Veronica is happy to see a Céline bag on her bed. Later, they discuss the competition, and Veronica says she wishes Jiana would have been eliminated for doing the worst, since it is a competition and only one girl can win.

The next day, Clara, Elke-Marije and Hanne are all out on town together. When Elke-Marije suggests they go to a café, Clara makes a comment about Hanne's body, aggravating her, and causing her to make a comment about her nose. Clara has an outburst as it is something she is insecure about, and finally storms off on her own. Meanwhile, Chelsea, Lana, Steph and Umwali are on a picnic and talk about Steph having been a semi-finalist in cycle 5, but not making the cut. Steph concludes that she is not much different from how she was then, aside from that she's older and more mature. Later that night, the girls receive a mail concerning the upcoming elimination, and are confused as they have not have a photo shoot. Chelsea speculates that the elimination will be based on the challenge, which makes Jiana worried. Jiana packs her bags, and Chelsea tries to comfort her, saying she thinks the judges have something planned.

At elimination, the girls find out the judges have picked out backstage photos of the girls to critique. Overall, the judges are impressed with the girls for their natural abilities. While asking the girls about their week, a few girls bring up Clara. Specifically, Hanne and Lana. Yachana asks Hanne and Clara to resolve their conflict before it becomes too big of a deal. Lana is again told she does not stand out. While critiquing Umwali, Yachana reveales she had received the most votes in a public poll, and is crowned Top Model of the Week, meaning she is immune.

In the end, Hanne receives the best photo, while Clara and Lana land in the bottom two. Lana is saved for having a better attitude. When Lana rejoins the other eight girls backstage, Yachana returns to say there is another surprise. After this, wildcard Brenda joins the competition.

  • Top Model of the Week: Umwali Sehene
  • First call-out: Hanne Ruben
  • Bottom two: Clara Walsh & Lana Manitz
  • Eliminated: Clara Walsh

Episode 2Edit

Upload date: December 31, 2016

The episode begins with a recap of Brenda joining the competition. She expresses how nervous she was, joining late, while some girls stated they weren't surprised.

Back at the house, Brenda and Umwali bond over both being from Rwanda, and discuss their pasts as well as the situation of the country. Lana tries to become more memorable by changing up her style, but Chelsea and Jiana both ridicule her. Lana says she feels comfortable with her new style and hopes the judges will notice her more. Steph welcomes Ola and Veronica into her bedroom after having to leave the keys of the Winner's Suite to Hanne. The three then talk about their regular lives, and Steph expresses her disappointment at American inequality and the discrimination she and her family as Muslims face. Elke-Marije joins them and talks about Hanne. The girls are bothered by how Hanne was excited about Clara leaving, and conclude that she is immature.

Later, the girls meet with previous contestant Callie Banks who is there to administer their challenge in which they are interviewed by her. Callie asks the girls several questions regarding things such as their modelling career, their past, and their political views, as well as anything in between. Brenda impresses Callie for calmly criticising how people of colour are treated and for saying she wants to be a role model for people of African descent like herself. Elke-Marije fails to answer a single question with a complete answer. Veronica, who got to read through an example question sheet beforehand as part of her challenge prize from the previous week, is critiqued for over-preparing and sounding unnatural and rehearsed. Before revealing the winner, Callie announces the girls will be flying to Amman, Jordan, the following day. Brenda wins, and is awarded with a first class ticket and the ability to take one girl with her in first class. She chooses Umwali. Back at the house, Hanne is concerned about going to the Middle East, saying she believes it might be dangerous there, which Steph finds insensitive.

Early the next morning, the girls leave for Jordan, and when they arrive they meet with Yachana. She talks about how important style is for models, and in a mini-challenge, she judges the girls' outfits as a fashion blogger would. Again, Brenda is deemed the best. Afterwards, Yachana reminds the girls they are only in Amman for their photo shoot. She announces that there will be two photo shoots: a sexy shoot, and an edgy shoot, and the girls will get to pick which one they want to do. Brenda picks first, and get to pick who picks next, and it continues until everyone has selected a shoot.

Order Model Concept chosen
1st Brenda Edgy
2nd Umwali Edgy
3rd Lana Edgy
4th Jiana Sexy
5th Chelsea Edgy
6th Elke-Marije Sexy
7th Ola Edgy
8th Hanne Sexy

Afterwards, the edgy girls are allowed to leave and go to their hotel, while the sexy girls must go get ready for their shoot right away. The girls arrive at a bare storage building with hair, makeup, and wardrobe stations set up. After dropping them off, Yachana leaves immediately. After styling begins, Steph suddenly has an anxiety attack from all the stress and runs away from the set and sobs in an alley. Before she leaves, Hanne calls her a hypocrite, as she'd accused Hanne of being a brat the previous day. Yachana comes back to talk to her and decides she is unfit to participate in the sexy photo shoot. In the evening, Elke-Marije and Jiana talk about the photo shoot, and Brenda begins speculating a double elimination might be coming up.

In the morning at 4 am, Maicle comes to the hotel and wakes up the edgy girls, and reveals they'll be having their shoot. Once the shoot is done, the girls all pack up and return to New York. The girls find out there will be an elimination the same evening.

At elimination, Chelsea continues to be misunderstood by the judges, and she begins feeling sad about it. Yachana promises that if she makes it past the week, a dialect coach will be hired for her. However, her photo leaves the judges unimpressed. Steph is praised for her photo, but Il-hong warns her that she needs to learn to grow tougher skin. Lana's transformation impresses the judges, but her photo does not, which divides the judges; Il-hong thinks her time should be up, while Yachana wants to give her a second chance. Yachana confronts Hanne about yelling at Steph during her anxiety attack, but Hanne agrees with Il-hong that she should grow tougher skin, and that being on a reality competition isn't appropriate for her. Finally, Jiana receives lots of compliments for her massive improvement from the previous week.

Ultimately, Steph receives first call-out, while Chelsea and Hanne land in the bottom two. In the end, however, they are both saved, to some of the girls' frustration, as they are entering week three with the same amount of girls they entered week one with.

  • Top Model of the Week: Elke-Marije van Aitzema
  • First call-out: Steph Makus
  • Bottom two: Chelsea Madison & Hanne Ruben
  • Eliminated: No one
  • Special guest(s): Callie Banks

Episode 3Edit

Upload date: January 8, 2017

Elke-Marije and Steph express their frustration towards how the competition isn't progressing, with week 1 ending with the addition of a wildcard, and week 2 ending in a non-elimination. Meanwhile, Chelsea is annoyed with the judges constantly telling her to change her accent, but Jiana convinces her to attend the scheduled dialect coaching sessions, stating successfully adapting to the judges' desires could give her an advantage. Ola is upset about not being invited into the Winner's Suite by Steph, and begins plotting how to sabotage her, to Veronica's dislike. Later, the girls are visited by Yachana who tells them the upcoming week will be all about defining oneself as a model. She concludes with announcing they will be receiving makeovers the same day.

Yachana takes the girls to Ciseaux Salon and leaves them with three hairdressers after telling them what they all will get.

Model Original hair Makeover
Brenda Long, dark brown, perm Cut chin length
Chelsea Long, natural red hair Wavy, dyed deeper red
Elke-Marije Long, straight, brown Dyed jet black, cut chin length
Hanne Long, dark blonde Cut shorter, light blonde
Jiana Long, black Cut chin length, bleached, eyebrows lightened
Lana Platinum blonde with bleached brows Dyed sandy blonde colour with matching brows
Ola Long platinum blonde Bowl cut
Steph Long, dark brown Cut shorter, ombré
Umwali Long, thick, permed Cut short
Veronica Long, dull reddish colour Dyed brown, rock inspired messy bang

Ola feels uncomfortable with having to cut her hair in a bowl cut, and feels it will not be versatile. Lana calls her a brat and a drama queen for this. Ola leaves the set after seeing her new haircut. Later, Veronica comes to comfort her and convinces her to come back and get ready since the cut is already done. Brenda tells Lana she looks different after her makeover and that she couldn't recognise her, and Lana feels more confident after seeing herself.

Back at the house, Ola is able to convince Veronica to help her sabotage Steph, which Lana and Jiana overhears. The two then go to the Winner's Suite to tell Steph, but she does not believe them. Steph gets frustrated that Lana is the only one talking and calls her fake. Lana is offended and says she is the fake one. Fake fake fake everyone is fake.

The next day the girls meet with judge Il-hong who tells them they will be doing their challenge and photo shoot. They are to shoot cover tries for the fake magazine SNTM Magazine, and the challenge is that they must run around New York to find the perfect outfit with US$200. They are given 4 hours to do this, and they each get a phone to use for navigation. Brenda and Lana team up, but while Brenda is in the fitting room, Lana, who had been asked to watch her phone, leaves the store. Brenda is frustrated and gets lost. Ola, Steph and Veronica also team up, and there is tension between the three when Ola wants to return to a store they had previously visited when there is only one hour left. The girls begin returning to the photo shoot location and do the shoot as they get there. Once four hours has passed, Brenda is still nowhere to be found, and in the end the producers have to send her a ride back to the location since she is so far away. After everyone's photo shoots, Il-hong picks the challenge winner based on who she thinks has the best outfit. This person is Ola, and for winning she gets to keep her outfit. She is not happy about this, however, since she hates her outfit.

At elimination, the judges are frustrated with Chelsea for never delivering in photos despite her potential, as well as Elke-Marije and Jiana for both being inconsistent. Steph, however, impresses and wins best photo. Umwali is deemed to have the second best photo for the second time. Ultimately, Chelsea and Elke-Marije are put in the bottom two, and in the end neither are saved in a shocking double elimination.

  • Top Model of the Week: Lana Manitz
  • First call-out: Steph Makus
  • Bottom two: Chelsea Madison & Elke-Marije van Aitzema
  • Eliminated: Chelsea Madison & Elke-Marije van Aitzema

Episode 4Edit

Upload date: June 12, 2017

Brenda and Lana argue over the incident where Brenda was stranded during the previous week's challenge. Jiana supports Lana's side and thinks Umwali should mind her own business and not get involved, to which Umwali calls her a hypocrite for contradicting herself. Lana makes a comment about Umwali being salty about never getting best photo, which Umwali refutes, subsequently claiming Lana is the bitter one. Later, the girls are visited by Yachana and guest Megan Rodriguez, a fashion designer, who announce they will be travelling to Barcelona to participate in the latter's upcoming fashion show. The girls pack their bags and head to the airport.

The girls have a layover in Faro, Portugal, where they find out they will spend the week, and that there will be an elimination prior to them making it all the way to Barcelona. The girls move into a townhouse which Hanne says is much less extravagant than the house they stayed in in New York. Veronica expresses her disappointment over the fashion show not being until the following week as she feels she needs to prove herself to the judges, and that the fashion show would be the perfect way to do so. Steph feels the opposite way and is happy they get a week's practise. To make her feel better, Steph promises to help Veronica with her posing if she and Ola help her with her walk, but she does not keep her promise.

The following day, the girls meet Il-hong who presents their challenge. Divided into pairs, the girls are assigned different styles, and must style themselves accordingly and thereafter go around the city and find an appropriate shooting location and take a photo of their partner.

Models Assigned style
Brenda & Umwali Fitness
Hanne & Steph Glamour
Jiana & Ola Business
Lana & Veronica Boho

Brenda exclaims in joy when paired up with Umwali as no other girls were paired up with a friend of theirs, and says she feels confident. Veronica is especially unhappy about being paired up with Lana as she finds her uncooperative and self-centred throughout the challenge. Once the girls have all taken their photos and return to their house, Hanne and Steph make up after their arguments in the past and bond. Il-hong arrives to reveal the results, and announces that Brenda and Umwali are the winners. As their prize they get to keep what they are wearing plus anything they can grab from the wardrobe in a short amount of time. Later that night, Jiana and Lana claim the challenge was rigged, and Lana has an outburst of screaming at Brenda and Umwali through the wall.

The following morning, the girls head to the beach where they meet Maicle who tells them they'll be having their photo shoot in front of colourful beach huts. Many girls surprise him for different reasons: for example, Umwali for not being able to work with her prop and being stiff, and Brenda for showing her newfound confidence. Lana struggles particularly and causes Maicle to lose his temper. Once all the models have completed the shoot, he announces they are to go back to the house and pack immediately as elimination will take place that same night.

The girls meet the judges, who are joined by Megan, at an old castle outside the city. Il-hong questions Lana's place in the competition after seeing her photo and expresses her belief that it would be hard for her to advance in the competition after so many weak performances. Steph, Veronica, Brenda and Hanne are all given very positive feedback. The judges are disappointed in Umwali's extreme drop after three solid weeks, and she herself feels the same way. In the end, Brenda wins the title of Top Model of the Week and Hanne receives her second first call-out. Lana and Umwali are left standing at the bottom, and Umwali is given a second chance, while Lana misses out on Barcelona. After elimination, Yachana talks about the difficulty of eliminations, and states that if the girls do not do their best at all times, they can always be replaced. She goes on to call someone into the room, and the episode ends in a cliffhanger.

  • Top Model of the Week: Brenda Mutoni
  • First call-out: Hanne Ruben
  • Bottom two: Lana Manitz & Umwali Sehene
  • Eliminated: Lana Manitz
  • Special guest: Megan Rodriguez

Episode 5Edit

Upload date: July 27, 2017

Model Aleix
  • In episode 6, Megan decided to put Hanne and Veronica in her show despite not booking them during go-sees.
  • Top Model of the Week: Ola Jedziniak
  • First call-out: Ola Jedziniak
  • Bottom two: Hanne Ruben & Jiana Anders
  • Eliminated: Jiana Anders & Umwali Sehene
  • Special guests: Aleix Bardem, Angela Pérez, Megan Rodriguez

Episode 6Edit

Upload date: July 27, 2017

  • Top Model of the Week: Ola Jedziniak
  • First call-out: Brenda Mutoni & Steph Makus
  • Bottom two: Hanne Ruben & Veronica Pluto
  • Eliminated: Hanne Ruben
  • Special guests: Aleix Bardem, Andrew Liu, Angela Pérez, Callie Banks, Connor Brzezicki, Emanuel Meier, Idun Wennerstedt, Jinshang Kun, Khadan Otgonbayar, Li Chenjun, Megan Rodriguez, Nam Ma, Oscar Watanabe Husni, Souvanna Phoumsavanh, Yasmin Kuatamin, Yei Bau

Episode 7Edit

Upload date: August 2, 2017

  • Top Model of the Week: Ola Jedziniak
  • First call-out: Ola Jedziniak
  • Bottom two: Clara Walsh & Veronica Pluto
  • Eliminated: Clara Walsh
  • Special guests: Claudine Fan, Liu Gao, Pau Llobet

Episode 8Edit

Upload date: August 28, 2017

  • Top Model of the Week: Steph Makus
  • Eliminated: Ola Jedziniak & Veronica Pluto
  • Top two: Brenda Mutoni & Steph Makus
  • Sims' Next Top Model: Steph Makus
  • Special guests: Chiara Arrighi, Lý Vinh Đức, Tyra Banks


Call-out orderEdit

Yachana's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes
Casting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Elke-M. Hanne Steph Steph Hanne Ola Brenda
Ola Steph Steph
2 Clara Umwali Jiana Umwali Brenda Veronica Brenda Brenda Brenda
3 Lana Veronica Umwali Ola Veronica Steph Clara Steph Ola
4 Jiana Steph Ola Hanne Steph Brenda Ola Veronica
5 Veronica Elke-M. Elke-M. Lana Jiana Clara Veronica Clara
6 Hanne Chelsea Veronica Brenda Ola Hanne Hanne
7 Steph Ola Brenda Veronica Umwali Jiana
8 Chelsea Jiana Lana Jiana Lana Umwali
9 Ola Lana Chelsea
10 Umwali Clara
     The contestant won Sims' Next Top Model.
     The contestant was voted Top Model of the Week.
     The contestant won the reward challenge.
     The contestant won the reward challenge and was voted Top Model of the Week.
     The contestant was eliminated from the competition.
  • In episode 1, Brenda joined the competition after the elimination took place.
  • Episode 2 featured a non-elimination bottom two.
  • Episode 3 featured a double elimination without prior warning.
  • In episode 5, Clara returned to the competition. Additionally, at panel there were two eliminations. Umwali and Veronica were by default up for elimination for their poor performance in the challenge, and prior to the call-out of the rest of the girls, Umwali was eliminated for performing worse out of the two in the photo shoot.
  • In episode 6, Brenda and Steph won best photo together.

Contestant progressEdit

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Photo shoot guideEdit

  • Episode 1 photo shoot: LBD tribute runway show backstage
  • Episode 2 photo shoot: Sexy or edgy
  • Episode 3 photo shoot: Mock magazine cover tries
  • Episode 4 photo shoots: DIY style shoot (challenge); colourful editorial
  • Episode 5 photo shoots: Mock magazine cover try (Clara only); High fashion at Montjuïc Castle
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Dolce & Gabbana mock campaigns
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: Max Factor 2000 Calorie Curl Addict Mascara ads
  • Episode 8 photo shoot: Vogue Italia cover stories at night in downtown Dương Dông

Panel style conceptEdit

  • Episode 1: None (self-styled)
  • Episode 2: None (self-styled)
  • Episode 3: Go-see appropriate (self-styled)
  • Episode 4: Jeans and burgundy
  • Episode 5: 2017 PANTONE trend colours
  • Episode 6: Floral
  • Episode 7: Pants

TMotW rankingsEdit

Every week, the fans vote for their favourite photo. The model who receives the most votes wins immunity that week.

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 7 8
1 Umwali Elke-M. Lana Brenda Ola Ola Steph
2 Chelsea Jiana Ola Lana Veronica Brenda
3 Lana
Veronica Umwali
Steph Steph Brenda
4 Lana Veronica Brenda
5 Hanne
Steph Brenda
6 Chelsea
7 Clara
8 Hanne
9 Jiana
10 Steph Brenda Elke-M.
     The contestant won best photo.
     The contestant was eliminated.
  • In episode 5, the poll was opened before it was revealed Clara would return. Her photo was uploaded with her face blurred out and labelled "Mystery Girl".
  • Because episodes 5 and 6 aired together, there was no TMotW voting in episode 6. Instead, the winner in episode 5 won immunity for episode 6 as well.

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