​Contestants List

Cherry Olson

Devin Tucker

Gisele Oliveria

Jasmine Peters

Kayla Anderson

Kimmi Kiki

Kimora Lee

Kyori Gato

Mabel Pines

Maggie Ivanova

Michonne Dixon

Nicola Zhang

Raven Sinclair

Russia Ivanova

Sle' Bennett

Tessa Aniston

​Elimination Order

Tessa Aniston                 Quit In Episode 1                  16th

Mabel Pines                    Eliminated In Episode 2         15th

Maggie Ivanova              Eliminated In Episode 3         14th

Gisele Oliveria                Quit In Episode 4                     13th

Cherry Olson                  Eliminated In Episode 4            12th

Kimmi Kiki                        Quit In Episode 5                      11th

Michonne Dixon              Eliminated In Episode 5               10th

Kyori Gato                        Eliminated In Episode 6              9th

Russia Ivanova                 Eliminated In Episode 7              8th

Devin Tucker                    Eliminated In Episode 9               7th

Nicola Zhang                     Eliminated In Episode 10            6th

Kayla Anderson Eliminated In Episode 11. 5th

Jasmine Peters

Kimora Lee

Raven Sinclair

Sle' Bennett


Episode 1

Quit: Tessa Aniston

First Call Out: Jasmine Peters

Bottom Two: Kyori Gato & Maggie Ivanova

Eliminated: None

Episode 2

First Call Out: Kimora Lee

Bottom Two: Mabel Pines & Maggie Ivanova

Eliminated: Mabel Pines

Episode 3

First Call Out: Kayla Anderson

Bottom Two: Devin Tucker & Maggie Ivanova

Eliminated: Maggie Ivanova

Episode 4

First Call Out: Sle' Bennett

Bottom Two: Cherry Olson & Gisele Oliveria

Quit: Gisele Oliveria

Eliminated: Cherry Olson

Episode 5

Quit: Kimmi Kiki

First Call Out: Kayla Anderson & Kimora Lee

Bottom Two: Michonne Dixon & Russia Ivanova

Eliminated: Michonne Dixon

Episode 6

First Call Out: Sle' Bennett

Bottom Two: Kyori Gato & Russia Ivanova

Eliminated: Kyori Gato

Episode 7

First Call Out: Nicola Zhang

Bottom Two: Devin Tucker & Russia Ivanova

Eliminated: Russia Ivanova

Episode 8

First Call Out: Jasmine Peters

Brottom Two: Devin Tucker & Nicola Zhang

Eliminated: None

Episode 9

First Call Out: Sle' Bennett

Bottom Two: Devin Tucker & Jasmine Peters

Eliminated: Devin Tucker

Episode 10

First Call Out: Raven Sinclair

Bottom Two: Nicola Zhang & Sle' Bennett

Eliminated: Nicola Zhang

Episode 11

First Call Out: Sle’ Bennett

Bottom Two: Jasmine Peters & Kayla Anderson

Eliminated: Kayla Anderson

​Photoshoot Guide

​Episode 1: ​The 4 Elements

​Episode 2: ​Au Naturel

​Episode 3: ​The Pink Cult

'​Episode 4: '​Stranded

​Episode 5: 80's Rollergirlz

​Episode 6:​ Spies

​Episode 7: ​Youthful & Bright

​Episode 8: ​Gloom

'​Episode 9: '​CD Covers

​Episode 10: ​Streets Of Brazil

Episode 11:​ Nike Ad In Costa Rica

Episode 12: Mistresses In Colombia

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